Online Waiver

Please fill out this waiver before your reservation.



Hometown K9: I agree to keep my kennel premises sanitary and properly enclosed. The animal is to be properly enclosed and to be housed in clean and safe quarters. All animals are boarded and otherwise cared for by Hometown K9 without liability for loss or damage of disease, theft, fire, injury to persons other dogs or unavoidable causes. Keeping in mind we do all to prevent these.

Drop off/Pick up- 07:00-19:00
Monday-Saturday, Sunday 1400-1900
And must be by appointment only
Late night pickups after 7:30 add $5.00

1 dog- $30.00 day
Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement $25.00
Secondary pets $15.00
Charges are per Calendar day.
No charge if picked up before noon on pick up day

Owner: If the state of the animal’s health reasonably demands quick attention, Erin shall have the right to call the veterinarian designated above or the vet of its choice (whichever is nearest), or administer medicine or give other advisable attention, within her discretion and judgement. I agree to pay the cost of such services promptly when the dog is picked up. It is understood that Erin will use her best judgement in such a case and will attempt to contact me prior or during an emergency.