Prepare for Your Visit

What you need to know

  1. Please ensure that your pets nails are trimmed prior to their visit. This will help prevent any injuries while “ruff” housing with their friends. As with any group setting dogs play with what they have ie. claws, teeth etc.  Being sure to have your pups nails trimmed will prevent any nicks, cuts, scrapes from occurring during their play time.  We are certified in dog first aid and CPR so any issues will be dealt with accordingly.
  2. Understand that your dogs are not stuck in kennels all day and are allowed to socialize as they please under supervision.  Dogs like to use their teeth and nails to play and with that said, injuries can occur with rough housing like at a school yard.  We will do everything to avoid this and manage any issues if it does occur.
  3. We do not  allow intact males over one year of age and any unspayed females are not allowed if they are in their heat cycle, if this occurs while visiting they will be separated immediately and will remain there for the course of their stay.
  4. Please log in to your account and update any new or changing information regarding your pups and upload copies of their  records to your online account.  We require that your furry companion have a yearly Kennel Cough vaccine, this vaccine must be given at least 14 days prior to your dogs visit.  Rabies, and distemper must be up to date. It is also recommended that they have Adenovirus and CIV H3N8 (Canine Influenza)
  5. We strive to keep a very clean and sanitized environment and we do daily cleaning to prevent the spread of any illness.  This does not mean, just like a school yard, your pups can’t spread whatever illness they may currently have.  Please do not bring your pet if they are showing any signs of illness, cough, vomiting or excessive diarrhea.  If your dog is found to have any of the above upon arrival they will not be allowed to visit.
  6. Feel free to bring their bed, blanket or something with a recognizable smell to help with any visit anxiety. Know that these items may be chewed or damaged during their stay but we do everything we can to avoid this. Please do not bring water or feeding bowls as we will provide these items. We do not want these items lost during pet stay.
  7. Always ensure that they have enough food for their stay and be sure to outline their feeding requirements upon reservation request.  Hometown K9 will provide food if needed however there is a $2.00 a day feeding charge and a change in their diet can cause GI disturbances.
  8. Please try not change your pups diet within two weeks of planned visit, this can make for runny poo and sad dog watchers.
  9. We require payment upon pickup of pet.  We take all major credit cards, cash, check and even alternative payments such as Venmo and other Cash apps.  We do require that you  save your credit card information upon reservation request on our kennel dashboard and rest assured we do not have access to this information.  
  10. We make every effort to manage the stresses of major holidays such as the Fourth of July and New Years where there may be excessive noise in the valley.  If there are any special requests for those days please let us know in advance and we will manage as needed.
  11. Dogs are separated during feeding times to reduce any food aggression issues. Night time for most dogs does involves kenneling in large kennels in heated-A/C attached garage however this is dog dependent.  If your dog does not tolerate this, arrangements will be made for your pup to be snuggled at the base of our bed or a safe place within our home.
  12. Feeding times are set am/pm.  This ensures a good schedule while visiting.  However if you have schedule requirements please let us know.
  13. Extended outdoor time is weather dependent as we monitor extremes in heat and cold.  Yard has shaded areas for comfort outdoors.
  14. Our goal is to provide your pets with a positive, stress free environment that they can look forward to visiting.  For us to do this, we must keep our boarding and day care numbers to a minimum.  If you have travel plans coming up, be sure to book your stays in advance.  If your travel plans change just let us know and we will make any changes necessary.
  15. We do not allow pets under 10lbs.  We tend to have a larger clientele and the smaller dogs can be scared so we in our attempt to avoid any undue stress we limit size.
  16. Lastly, we encourage a clean, safe and happy environment for you pets.  If you have any questions please reach out.